Air conditioning

BBIS Commercial heating ltd are able to provide your domestic or commercial premises with a complete installation of an air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning will provide a healthy and comfortable environment to live and work in, by regulating humidity, temperature and the air quality. The indoor air is circulated and filtered which helps remove pollutants and allergens. Having an Air conditioning unit fitted, will be a sound investment for your business.

Air conditioning units are becoming increasingly popular in residential properties here in the Uk, as they can improve sleep quality in the summer months and provide better air quality.

We can advise you of the right air conditioning system to use, which will be the most energy efficient, and work most effectively for your property. There are various different types of systems such as ducted air conditioning, celling mounted cassette units and wall mounted air conditioning units.

Servicing air conditioning

Just like your boiler it is important to have your air conditioning regularly serviced to help prolong the life of the system. We advise servicing every 12 months but it will depend on the workload of the system. Of course, if the system isn’t regularly maintained the components will be more likely to fail, the unit will be working harder to reach the required temperature, which will in turn increase your energy bill.

The care of the systems filters and air vents is of high importance. The filters need to be removed and washed out as they help protect the other components, and filter the air by screening out allergens, dust and particles.

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