Commercial heating projects

Wrotham Park

Project details:

A modernisation programme which involved pressurising the heating system and converting it to a sealed system. An expansion vessel, automatic pressurisation unit and safety valves were all installed in the boiler room to enable this. The forty year old system was also power flushed to increase efficiency and prolong the life of the boilers. Every radiator valve was changed to a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) to bring the heating system in to the modern era. While the pumps were also changed to modern energy efficient variations.

A potentially risky job due to the artifacts within the grade 1 listed house, which was completed without issue.

Wimpole Street, London

Project details:

The old boiler room occupied two rooms and was deigned and built in the 1980’s. The plant was removed and a complete new boiler made in half the original space. This allowed the other half to be turned in to a reception area and washroom facilities.

The boiler room was started afresh from a bare room. Careful consideration and planning was involved to make sure all plant and pipework went in to the available space. Three 115 KW Remeha boilers provide the heating, and the hot water is stored in 2 large calorifiers.

All pipework and flues were fabricated on site and a bespoke control panel, was installed to run the boilers, pumps and valves via a TREND BMS system.

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London W1

Project details:

This project involved among other things; the removal of two ageing boilers and cleaning of the boiler room, new boilers installed and a sealed system conversion. The design and fabrication of new pipework, a new custom built electrical control panel. Power flushing of the entire heating system, dosing of the system with inhibitor.

The system was commissioned and is now running quieter, more efficiently and with greatly improved flow around the building.

Chancellors School

Project details:

A service visit comprising of 3 boiler rooms, 3 gas meters and their pipework which has to be tested and certificated.

A gym hall with radiant overhead gas heaters and various gas appliances. There are also 2 gas fired water heaters, expansion vessels, pressurisation unit, and various pumps which are all maintained by ourselves.

Portland Place

Project details:

Removal of an ageing calorifier and installation of a new instantaneous hot water plate heat exchanger (PHE). This plate heat exchanger provides hot water for 12 flats with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms per residency.

The plate heat exchanger removes the need for a storage vessel and frees up space within the boiler room, not to mention the reduced running costs, due to the high efficiency of the PHE.



Essendon Country Club

Project details:

This project involved laying underfloor heating for the clubhouse extension. The heat is supplied to the room via approximately 700 meters of pipes buried under a concrete screed.

The pipes are fed from a manifold which in turn is supplied from the main boilers. The temperature is regulated by a remote room thermostat linked to a pump and motorised valve.

Underfloor heating was used to allow maximum seating capacity capacity and less visual impact for the customers at Essendon Country Club.



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