Power flushing

Corrosive sludge and magnetite can sit in the bottom of radiators. We have a variety of ways of removing the sludge from the system, the most commonly known method is a Power flush. There are in fact other methods we use when power flushing is not suitable,(due to the age of the pipework for instance). Magnetic filters can also be used in conjunction with a power flush machine to clean the system. We can also use a PH neutral solution rather than the more aggressive acid solutions.

Typical indicators that your system needs flushing, or cleansing, may be the following;

  • A noisy heating system
  • Radiators that take a long time to heat up
  • Radiators that have cold patches / the bottom of the radiators are cold
  • Leaks on the system, especially on the radiators

A Power flush works by circulating an acid solution through the system by means of a machine, the dirt and sludge is then broken down and can be removed from the system.

We would then treat the system with a corrosion inhibitor to stop the sludge being able to return again.

We would also advise that a magnetic filter (e.g Magnaclean) be fitted to the system for extra piece of mind.

Clean sytems work better, warm up quicker, are more energy efficient and prevent unnecessary breakdowns to your heating and hot water systems.

We can flush all systems from high rise blocks (running at high pressures), to Grade 1 listed buildings (where the need for caution and care are paramount).

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