Installing, servicing and repairing your swimming pool boiler

As you will know, our English climate just isn’t warm enough to be able to use an indoor or outdoor swimming pool without a heater.

Installing a gas, oil-fired pool boiler or air source heat pump, will ensure your pool is kept at a comfortable heat all year round. BBIS Commercial heating ltd can provide installation, maintenance and repairs at a competitive price.

Installing a swimming pool boiler can be quite complex, and must only be carried out be a qualified engineer. Consideration of the possible chemical damage and corrosion to the heater must be taken into account, and the relevant measures to prevent them put into place.

Our engineer will be happy to go through your options with you and explain in further detail when on site.

Like any boiler, swimming pool boilers need servicing annually to keep them working efficiently and safely. The manufactures warranty may be invalid if the boiler isn’t serviced as advised. Contact us to arrange a service for your pool boiler.

BBIS Commercial heating engineers are fully licenced and qualified to work on all swimming pool boilers, please call 0800 2289800 today we are happy to help.

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